You can call him snow ball

Some hoped that Tony Snow would bring a critical eye to his new job as White House Press Secretary. Others just hoped for a well-run press conferences. Turns out everyone was wrong.

Things went so poorly for the normally media-savvy Snow that he had to acknowledge, "This is just a mess."

Questioned on the countless NSA scandals, Snow had to defer to deputy press secretary Dana Perino, who lamely tried to excuse her boss' ignorance.

"There's a very limited number of people who are briefed on that program," she said.

When the press complained they couldn't hear the soft-spoken Perino, Snow began reading a list of talking points.

He finally gave up, saying "As the new kid on the block, I'm not fully briefed on the issue."

Snow had troubles right from the start, as he had the "gaggle" -- a mini-briefing -- moved to his office. He started too early and the room was too small.

Asked what he would change in anticipation of his on-camera debut on Tuesday, Snow tried to make a joke.

"Apparently the gaggle."

The media surely viewed it as a justified serving of humility for Snow, who had spent the days leading up to his debut attacking various members in the press.

Snow's office has criticised the "New York Times" -- "continues to ignore America's economic progress" and CBS -- "misleadingly reports" via email of late.

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