I have been feeling like shit for about three weeks. It has the body aches of a really nasty flu, with a lower fever, and seems tied to the weather changes we are having. Got to love monsoon season. Six hours in the ER on Saturday, no idea what I have but I am now of the world's strongest antibiotics.


I have begun the argues task of applying for scholarships. So many essays to write, so little time.


So I finally completed my associates degree, and I am going to be attending Arizona State in the spring. Super excited about being a sun devil.

Life in Colorado

So we have been in Colorado thence September. I just finished my 12 weeks of leave. It has been amazing getting to spend all this time with Zoe. She is amazing and doing really well. I had to drop a class, 4 classes and taking care of a baby was just too much. So 1 class to go this summer and my first degree is finally complete.

oh life

So it has been a crazy year. I just finished finals, I am about to start my final term. 4 classes, and I am done!. My daughter was born in January, 6 weeks early, but she is doing amazing. 

We live in Colorado now, it is kinda cool, kinda poopy. It's nice to be out of Oregon, all so I do miss some little things. Work is going ok, lot of stress but I am about to take some FMLA which will be nice. Stay home with Zoe and do homework. I should have reliable internet soon so hopefully I can stay more up to date soon.

Long time no see

Sorry been away, I moved to Colorado, and life has been a bit busy, will post more soon

Summer Term

So it is now Summer term. Sorry I have not been very active. So busy. Life has been so stressful. Still doing good in school, 3.89 gpa. This term may wreck that. I am convinced SQL is a tool of the devil. Really starting to hate that class.
So frustrated with it. Everything else has been good. Married life has been good too me, and I am happy to announce we have a bun in the oven. Due in February. After this term I have 6 more classes to get through. Two a term, way easier hopefully.