Micro machines has gone to far!!!!

Introducing the new micro machine hair removal system, by Hasbro. Rumor has it Tonka and matchbox will launch similar lines in the very near future. I'm looking forward to the matchbox nose hair submarine, and Tonka's ass hair, logging crew, which is rumored to come with a skidder, and a fleet of logging trucks. Also able to tackle back hair, once the ass deforestation is complete.

Caught Red handed

Yeah like that fat cow actually has that kind of a body, if she did, I could understand him getting into trouble over her.

The levels you sink to when your desperate


The new Drug Craze, CrystalXmas

Even if you haven't decorated your house for Christmas yet, you still have time to grow a "Magic Christmas Tree" or a "Magic Snowman"! The Magic Christmas Tree consists of a basic tree and a liquid to be added to its base in order to grow green crystal leaves in 12 hours. It also includes red garlands and a star for the top of the tree. The Magic Snowman is basically the same and its white crystals grow in approximately 24 hours. Before you ask me, these are not made in Japan and have been around for a while. But they are top selling items in Rakuten this holiday season due to their affordable price and ideal size as a gift.


Oh my inflatable women, I'm in love!!!

Holy shit batman, this is a new life size doll, that is threatening the inflatable woman industry. Now the question, do I start upgrading, or stay with the old reliable? These lovely new dolls are very expensive, but are made to suite, you pick out everything. Oh life, why must you make me make such hard choices!!!!!


Ice Cream Anyone?

I know it's not in English, It's in Japanese, but this is the newest flavor in Japan, Wasabi Ice Cream!! Yes, Wasabi, Japanese Horse radish, That super spicy paste you have on your sushi, now can be enjoyed with your ice cream, because I mean what could be tastier then a big spoonfull of wasabi flavored ice cream. There three other new flavors,,,,,,cucumber, soy sauce, and cactus. Well, I guess Ben & Jerries have there work cut out for them, if they hope to enter the Japenese market.


I GOT BLUE BALLS!!!!!!!!!!

HenkaQ makes these golf balls that change colors when exposed to sunlight. Their base color is white but thanks to the ultraviolet rays they can turn into light blue, blue, yellow or purple. The HenkaQ site explains us that the balls' surface is treated with a photochromic compound similar to the one used in sunglasses that become darker in order to protect the eyes from UV rays. And their newest product is a fluorescent golf ball, for those nights in which you cannot sleep and want to practice golf instead (?).

Barrett's Honor College

I was notified yesterday that i have been accepted into Barrett's Honor College at Arizona State University. So we will be picking up an...