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Plant Tanks

I love planted tanks, specially those done in the style of the great Amano. I posted a few pics of some of his work. Also they do not due him justice. I am preparing to do a tank in his style, now that I have been able to find a cube tank, and the proper lighting. I will post pictures of my tank, as soon as I start it. Hopefully I can do him justice, eventually. http://www.vectrapoint.com/ Amano/natural aquarium's web page.

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Birthdays, we all have them, some look forward to them, others try to forget about them. I believe my mom has been 29 for about 32 years now. I think it might be time to face reality. Anywho, when the mile stone years came, they were no big deal. 13, who cares if you are in the teens, big deal. 16, well I had been driving thence I was 10, so being able to do it leagally was nice, but not a real big deal. 18, vote, join the milatary,,,,,well lets just say those aren't real big deals to most teens. 21,, well I vaguly remember my teen years thence most memories were seen through a nice pair of beer goggles, it was not a big deal. Going to a bar was actually a bit of a turn off. Smokey, meat markets with over priced drinks. Yeah. Just not quite as fun as drinking on a logging road with your buddies, diving into the bushes everytime you hear a car coming. Or trashing your buddies house when his parents are out of town, and he invites a "few" friends over for a social gathering. 25, well a quarter of a centuary is cool. I mean it is big deal, if you live in the 1800's we would be the old wise men of the town. Married, with kids, and waiting on grandkids. But lets face it, today, its a pretty common event, and not a real big deal. Now as I stair down the barrel of the big three zero, I feel,,, well I really don't know how to feel. It's like walking down a dark tunnel and naught knowing what is at the end of the tunnel, just knowing there is a door there that you have to go through, no matter what is on the other side. No matter what, you can't go back. I feel like apart of me is dying, and being left behind. Suddenly I feel like the "care free" life I have lead must be cut, and left in the past. It just looks so bleak ahead. I keep catching myself trying to do things that I really should not be doing. Not acting my age. I don't know why 30 looks so bleak to me, I've always acted my age, or actually more mature then my age, but 30 just seems like you have to make a break from your child hood, your dreams. Maybe I am going through a mid life crisis early, I am not sure. I just catch myself looking at girls much younger, I catch my self flirting. Feeling bored with my life. Looking at hobbies that never interested me before. Hobbies that are a bit dangerous. I feel that I have let a lot of opertunities pass me by, and now I regrete it, and am trying to make up for those things. I feel that there is so much of life that I have not lived. there must be something more to life then working and having kids. There must be something greater out there. I just don't know what it is.



For those of you that are into Budhism, I would really like to tell you about the Great Vow Zen Monastary in Clatskanie, OR. It is a great place to learn, or to just find some peace and quite. A walk around the grounds on a nice spring day will totally recharge your batteries. Also, one of the founders has written a very moving and educational book about Jizo Bodhisattva. Jizo is very important in Japanese culture, and is also in other asian coutries, but not as strongly as in Japan. If you get a chance, please visit the monastary, or even just check out there web site. There really doing some great things there, and can use all the support they can get.


Lazy SOB!!!!!!!

Why are we so lazy? Went to a fast food place today, there were five or six cars waiting at the drive through. The counter was empty. So I parked, walked in, got my food, and left. By that time one or two cars had left the drive through, replaced by about 4 new ones. Yet if any of them had pulled there heads out of there asses, they could have actually gotten "fast" food, and a little excerise. Are we really so laze, that we can't break the seal formed by our ever increasing asses and the seat cushion? Heaven forbid we gotta get up. What if we invent a remote control that does everything, press a button and a double whopper poofs into your lap. Never have to get up, except to take a shit, and well hey, lets just get colostomy bags, then we don't even have to waste effort on whipping or squeezing it out. Oh what a perfect world!!!


Ok, if you read my profile, your probably questioning my patriotic spirit, thinking I'm a communist, or something else. So, for my first real post, lets get a little serious. Yes I would move out of this country and never look back with out hesitation. Yes I would happily give up my citizenship and turn my back on everything I call home. Now I know the grass is always greener on the other side of the hill, and all that bull shit, but lets face it, Americans as a group are ASSHOLES!!! We are selfish, self centerted pricks!! We Only help others when it is benificial to us. How often due you get cut off in traffic? Do you ever wonder why that person is in such a hurry, maybe there a doctor going to a emergency pubic hair transplant, who knows, but lets face it, its because deep down, that person feels that there more important then you. They would never admit it, but that is the underlieing reason. My time is more valuable then yours! Now I know there are people out there that give with out hesitation and are trully wonderful people, and I thank god they are hear, then I ask, why are the rest of you hear??? We, as americans are really looked down upon by the rest of the country. Are they right? Maybe, but if you ever spend time with a family from another country, you see what a beatiful life could really be like. A world were family and friends is more important then the new car, or the big screen TV. Were sitting down to speak with your family members is a treat, not a chore you try to dodge. World peace, in my personal expertise only, will never be possable as long as america is around. Atleast in its current form. Now I'm sure you all think I'm a nut, but look around, think about your actions, the people around you. The asshole that cut you off in traffic, just to beat the other guy to the drive through window at McD's. Lets face fact, lets all say it together, I'm a american, and I am a selfish prick! Now don't you feel better?

Is this thing on?

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Barrett's Honor College

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