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Help me, PLEASE!!!!

OK, I am poor, and I really want a Ipod. If I can get 5 people to sign up, do the stupid little servay(say no on everything) and complete one offer at the end, some are free, or only a dollar, I get a free Ipod. Any one willing to help? I will love you for ever and build a shrine in your honor if I actually get a Ipod out of this.


I work for a rather large company, and before that I worked for a huge company. Both companies had one thing in common, and I see this trend really growing in american business. They hire anyone with a college degree to run the company and work in the divisional level or above. Now, when that is the only qualification you seek for a person that is going to be making serious choices for the direction of your company, I get very worried about the futue of America. I work for a company that is very involved in technology, wouldn't you want someone who actually has some hands on experience making the serious choices. Yet, every company I see, has people who have never even been in the field, never gotten there hands durty what so ever. I recently took a class for work, the book we used was written by some stooge from the corporate office. She came to take notes on how we liked the book, so they could make revisions before it was used to train new hires. As we went through we found lot…


Oh, yes, once again it is time for another brain numbing season of reality shows. I must admit that I have watched survivor in the past, but lets face facts, am I the only human on the planet that is sick of reality shows??!! You can actually hear your brain cells committing suicide while watching some of these things. How many fucking islands can we strand castaways on, and how many sick discusting things can we make them eat, till we just say enough is enough. Lets make survivor a real interesting program. Lets drop them off in the Yukatan in winter, and lets see how long the bikini clad contestants last. How about smearing them in seal blood, and then having them run across a polar bears teritory, and see who makes it to the finish line. That is real survivor. Or how about next time there in a jungle, you can have everyone wade out into the water and urinate, and see who gets to keep there winkies at the end of the show. And who has to have some parasites removed from theres. Inste…

Life is complete

Well, I can honestly say I have seen everything now. I work with a guy that i constantly changing his facial hair. Like every few days he has changed his side burns, goatee, or something, and always makes a big deal out of it. My life is now complete, I have finally found a guy that can't even get playing with himself right!!

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