Well finals week is quickly approaching. Think I will pass all my classes, but still pretty stressed out, and the stress is only growing. Have a math test on Tuesday, depending on how it goes I will or will not have to take the final. Probably will just because I am a glutton for punishment. Plus I need to do one last project by Thursday and then hopefully that class will be done. teacher is cool, but it so much information, and I just don't have the geometry background for it. Thankfully it is my only math class unless I decide to move onto a four year program. I think about it once and a while but not sure if I can swing it. My speech class I am sad to see ending. It has been a really fun class specially thence it was the #1 most dreaded class for me when I looked at my required courses. I wanted to get the worst out of the way first. We have a final group project it is big but I have a great group and I think were going to do really well.

Barrett's Honor College

I was notified yesterday that i have been accepted into Barrett's Honor College at Arizona State University. So we will be picking up an...