Oh I know this is such a taboo subject, and all of you who know me, know it's a long over due rant. So lets get started with the bitching. Why do we, I mean the vast majority of people in the world, feel it is necassary to cling to some form of religion to make us feel safe and secure. Why do we need this crutch to go on with our feeble exsistance? Why can't we just say "shit happens" and call it good. But no we must explain everything, and have some answer to cling to, even if all science, and well lets face it, common sense, can shoot a billion holes into these "religous experts" explanaitions for why shit happens. So were should we start today. Lets see, how about my least favorite religion, the ones who deserve the most bashing in my enlightened opinion, the mother fucking, cock sucking, hipocritical, jack asses, the cock whore, son of a bitch christains. Yes, you stupid mother fuckers who cling to your holly book, but only when it suits your small minded, my way is the only way, burn in hell if you disagree with me, fucked up views. You don't believe in jeses? your going to hell, you didn't go to church last sunday? your going to hell, you didn't tithe? your definetly going to hell!! A guy stumbles out of the desert, claiming to be the son of god, all these goat ropers with zero education believe him, pass down story after story from one generation to the next, till finally they get written down, and we go around preaching this shit now? Claiming it is the holly truth? What are we smoking here? We have stories that contradict each other, stories that describe a vile and vicous, mean, bully of a god, yet they go around talking about how forgiving and loving he is. Lets take into consideration the theory of "The vapor barrier". This is the explaination of were all the water that caused the flood of noah. This idea says that there was a large vapor barrier surrounding the earth. Now, scientists on both sides of the religous spectrum have tried to figure out if this was possable. The concullsions, to keep that much water, in a vapor state, would require a temperture of well OVER 200*F. How many of you believe that we could live on a planet with that kind of tempatures, ok everyone that raised there hands, please leave, your fucking STUPID!!!!! And your bringing the rest of us down. The humidity caused by that much vapor, and high heat would make it 100% impossable for the human lung to operate. We would litterally drowned from breathing in the air. Not to mention we would be medium rare from the heat. Well, lets look at my favorite, Jesus, wow stumble out of the dessert, do a few beginer magic trics for the slack jawed yokals, and suddenly your the fucking messiah. Wow, I want that job. I can preach some hollier then thou bullshit. You know today if someone does that he is called a loon, or if he actually gets some followers, he is called a cult leader. What's the difference? How do we know that if he did live, that he doesn't come back every few hundred years to check on us, yet we persecute him, and chase him off like he is the fucking devil. Christianinty, and Islam, were male created, male concieved, creations, for the better meant of MAN kind. It is a tool for men to make power, stay in power, and control the underlings, and laws surrounding them. Any thing that happens, that the men in the power seats feel threatened by, use there religion to devalue, and undermine the threat. Womens rights, Gays, books/ideas that they disagree with. Were in the bible does it say that book burning is a religous right? I don't remember anything about gay bashing, and you know I am pretty sure there is something in there about all people being created in gods form, so wouldn't we all be even,,,,,,well I gues only if your a man. Virgin Birth,,, well isin't this a interesting topic, lets see, uneducated farm girl gets her freak on, doesn't want to tell the guy she is being forced to marry she just did the stable boy till he can't walk, and now she has one in the oven. Oh what is a girl to do. Get stoned to death, or claim it was a act of god, lets see, painful slow death, or small white lie,,,,,,, well I guess we know what she picked. Now, people claim that Jesus's enemies recorded his actions, and that proves he did live. Well no one is arguing that, but what should be brought to light is the fact that those records don't say anything about miracles, they talk of a trouble maker, and of a cheap con-man. Well, there might be a little more truth to that then some of use wish to admit. Lets face facts people. Some of you are clinging to a 6000 year old story, of small minded beleifs and fairy tales. Lets pull our heads out of our asses, and find the true light. If god was real, why doesn't he show himself? Now i know the bible has a billion vague little one liners as to why, but fuck people, he's god, he can do what ever the fuck he wants!!! If he wants to show up at the 7/11 with Elvis, and share a super big gulp with him, he fucking can. He's god!!! I'm not telling you to abandone all hope, we all need hope, and a purpose, but don't fucking waste your life following a trail that is just going no wear. Stop clinging to your bible, like a drunk clinging to a lamp post. Get off the trail to no wear, and start thinking for yourselves. Find your own hope, and goals. Stop being mislead by mother fuckers like billy Grahme, and other fucks on TV preaching about shit that doesn't excist. Make your own choices, READ, LEARN, THINK!!!!!!! See ya all in hell, I will be the one apling for the Satans cabana boy postion. Happy Eternity.


Bush is the Devil!!!!

Ok, Clinton admits to smoking a little wacky weed and we fucking crusifie him like he's the anti-christ. Just rake him over the coals and bash the living hell out of the horny old bastard. Yet, this muther fucker bush who admits to being a fucking drunk, and has not only smoked his share of waky weed, but also done fucking coke, gets elected and no one fucking says a thing!!!! What the hell is up with that? Last time I checked my controlled substance decoder ring, coke was a hell of a lot higher up then a little fucking dope. What in the hell is wrong with this country?? Then he gets us in this fucking war, yet he didn't have the balls to go to Vietnam? Went AWOL, and we want him to be our leader??? Am I taking crazy pills here???? What are you thinking america?? Fucking crack babies!!!! (new you would like that one, mark) The guy doesn't want to be the president, he wants to be the last president. He wants to be the fuck head in the hockey mask in Road warrior, "GIVE ME THE FUEL!!!!" Come on, were are our freaky extremests when we need them, some one for the love of god shoot the mother fucker, before he kills us all. Come on, crawl out from under your rock, and take one for the team. Please, I'm begging, pretty please, with sugar on top, pop a cap in his ass!!! (I have always wanted to say that in a public forum). What has happened to all the gun toting phycos? I need a phyco!!

Barrett's Honor College

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