I sit here looking out my window at the vacant lot that will soon be a another cookie cutter HOA neighborhood. I can't stop thinking how un-American the whole idea of a HOA is. Not only do you give up your freedoms, but your paying someone to take them from you. What is wrong with the country now? Why would we allow this? How can it be legal? It's bad enough that these cookie cutter neighborhoods are so cheaply built and every third house is the exact same floor plan. No yard, just cram as many houses into the area as humanly possible. Another sad turn our country is taking for nothing more then some green colored paper.



Well not here, but the mountains were bare the other day, over night they turned into the snow capped wonders we all know and love. Just love staring at them when there like this. So pretty!!


SCTE Comp/Tia Network+

Wow, what a brutal program. I am powering through it, but wow!!! Learning how to do Binary code. Six more modules to get through. Hope to get through two to three a day. The next few look much smaller and easier. hopefully I am correct on that.  

So I made it through all the modules on this course. it is not that bad. there are two that are brutal but the rest are not bad. I am working on the 800 page study guide and doing the practice tests now. will hopefully not have to ask for a extension.
Hi, I know your probably laughing right now, but lets please take a moment to think about things. All religions when boiled down to there most basic, key word here is basic, principals, are all the same. Things getting messed up when we add in the little things, and the deities. There a million forms of Christianity none of which can agree on everything, the same is true for all other major religions. We get lost on the little things. The church of Santa-ology is here to fix that. Forget the little things. Life is too short to argue over semantics. The basics-Be good to each other. Be good to yourself. It's better to give then to receive. Forgive and forget. Love everyone for who they are, not what you want them to be. Thank you for reading this, I hope you have a wonderful day. May Peace and candy cains be with you.

Lawn Mower

So we broke down and finally got a lawn mower. Started mowing last night stopped when it got dark. It's slow going when the grass is over knee deep. but it looks so much better. It's nice to finally have a little cash free to fix up the place. I will be mowing again today, I got about 2/3 of it done yesterday.

Barrett's Honor College

I was notified yesterday that i have been accepted into Barrett's Honor College at Arizona State University. So we will be picking up an...