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Who would you be?

A very dear pen-pal recently asking me a very difficult question. I have thought about it non-stop for quite some time now. The question at first appears to be very easy and simple. "If you could be anyone in the world, at anytime in history, who would you be, and why?" What a wonderful question, and yet it has plagued me for weeks now. At first I thought of the great minds, the inventors, the artists, the composers. Then I thought about hero's, people who showed bravery and courage under odds that would make most of us shrink away in fear and self preservation. But no matter who I considered, I would slowly start to pick them apart. They all had flaws. So, now I ask myself, is there anyone in the world that we can look up too, and aspire to be like? We are human, and by nature are not, can not, will never be, perfect. We all have flaws, and make mistakes. I like to think, that if given the choice, I would pick to be someone who saves man kind from a horrable disease, or…