Life in a nut shell

So what's new with me,,,,, let's see, re-married, not sure if that was my best decision. Moved to central Oregon about two years ago. It's been pretty fantastic, love my job here. Bought my first house. Scary but a good move. I will never go through the house buying process again. It is such a misserable experience. I have no idea why we agree to go through the hoops they make us. We are such lemmings. About a year and a half ago I was put on high blood pressure meds, and was faced with the fact that I am not as young as I think I am. I started going to the gym with a friend of mine, and totally changed my diet, a month or two later I was off the meds. Lost a lot of weight, put on some muscle. So all and all a good thing came out of a bad thing. Got a puppy about a year ago. She is a boxer, her name is Mia. She's fawn, with a black mask. Super sweet, I don't think she knows she is a dog.

O.K. so it's been a while,,,

So let me be the first to point out that posting once every few years is really not acceptable. I shall try to do better, but let's be honest my track record doesn't bode well.

LDS Temple in Mesa

Wife took me to this temple to walk around the grounds, very pretty place.