My Son

My son and I went to the store the other day, and he decided his dad had been single long enough. So he decided to take action. He spots one of the prettiest women I have ever seen in real life, and starts flirting with her. Playing peak a boo and all the cute things kids can do, and we adults can't with out getting strange looks. I wasn't really paying attention to who he was putting so much energy into being cute for, I was busy trying to get the groceries in the cart and sticking to the list, and budget and all those crazy adult things. Next thing I know this lovely was right next to me talking to my son. I was speechless, as is my usual when I am around women for some strange reason. She was talking to my son telling him how cute he was. After a few minutes of this, he gets a sad look on his face, and puts his head down. She asks him whats wrong and gives him a half hug. With the saddest puppy dog look I have ever seen, he says,"I don't have a mommy" and of course she falls for this hook line and sinker. Gives him a hug and looks at us both like were lost little lambs. I am still speechless and just starting to grasp what my evil little mini me is up too. As he is getting his third of fourth hug he shoots me a evil little grin. It becomes crystal clear what he is up too. next I hear, "will you be my mommy?" Of course she is all touched by this. I am beat red, and noticing other shoppers stopping to watch this unfold. She gives him another hug and then says good bye to us. My son with out missing a beat turns to me and says, "Hey dad why are you so bright red?" Which of course brought a round of laughter to all the people who had over heard this and watched the whole thing. I push the cart towards another isle the whole time my son is giggling, and asking me why I look so embarrassed.

Creek Stewart-Build The Perfect Bug Out Bag

What a way to end a long week, but to receive my auto graphed copy of Creek Stewart's book Build the Perfect Bug out bag. Great book, and what a cool guy. Let me mail it to him signed it, mailed it back to me, and included some cool stuff along with it. Buy his books, there amazing, watch his show"fat guys in the woods" it's a great show. I can't say enough nice stuff about this guy!!


So we got 14 inches of snow. It has now turned into a giant ice rink. Gotta love working out doors this time of year. Everything freezes while your using it and your hands go numb. Hopefully it will all be gone in a few days.


CompTia Network+

Well I completed the SCTE Comp\Tia Network+ course. I still need to complete the actual test at the local college, but at least the timed scte part is done. I so do not recommend the course. I learned more from taking the test question and googling the subjects and watching YouTube video's. I highly recommend you just buy the comp\tia study guide for $50 and do it all on your own. The course was a complete waste of time and effort. I like most of the scte courses, but I got to say your wasting your money on this one. The modules need to be divided into smaller sections, and they need to go into much deeper detail on many of the subjects. You can not learn how to sub net in an 2-3 minute power point slide. Binary code takes more the an 45 second slide. There is just way to much information to take in, in a quick short power point presentation. All so the way stuff was lumped together, one module would start with one subject and randomly switch to something else that had nothing to tie them together. Again splitting the modules up would help. The study guide breaks it down to 17 modules, which seems more reasonable. So I will be spending the next few months studying the guide and many of the websites I found then will wonder over to the college  and take the real exam.


There is snow in the forecast. Tuesday is suppose to be 13 degrees. Thursday and Friday calls for chance of snow. Son is super stocked. I am less so. driving in it and working in it really sucks. Need to get busy tomorrow and put plastic up over the windows. wrapped the a/c units today to help keep the cold out. So wish it was still summer.

Barrett's Honor College

I was notified yesterday that i have been accepted into Barrett's Honor College at Arizona State University. So we will be picking up an...