CompTia Network+

Well I completed the SCTE Comp\Tia Network+ course. I still need to complete the actual test at the local college, but at least the timed scte part is done. I so do not recommend the course. I learned more from taking the test question and googling the subjects and watching YouTube video's. I highly recommend you just buy the comp\tia study guide for $50 and do it all on your own. The course was a complete waste of time and effort. I like most of the scte courses, but I got to say your wasting your money on this one. The modules need to be divided into smaller sections, and they need to go into much deeper detail on many of the subjects. You can not learn how to sub net in an 2-3 minute power point slide. Binary code takes more the an 45 second slide. There is just way to much information to take in, in a quick short power point presentation. All so the way stuff was lumped together, one module would start with one subject and randomly switch to something else that had nothing to tie them together. Again splitting the modules up would help. The study guide breaks it down to 17 modules, which seems more reasonable. So I will be spending the next few months studying the guide and many of the websites I found then will wonder over to the college  and take the real exam.

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