My Son

My son and I went to the store the other day, and he decided his dad had been single long enough. So he decided to take action. He spots one of the prettiest women I have ever seen in real life, and starts flirting with her. Playing peak a boo and all the cute things kids can do, and we adults can't with out getting strange looks. I wasn't really paying attention to who he was putting so much energy into being cute for, I was busy trying to get the groceries in the cart and sticking to the list, and budget and all those crazy adult things. Next thing I know this lovely was right next to me talking to my son. I was speechless, as is my usual when I am around women for some strange reason. She was talking to my son telling him how cute he was. After a few minutes of this, he gets a sad look on his face, and puts his head down. She asks him whats wrong and gives him a half hug. With the saddest puppy dog look I have ever seen, he says,"I don't have a mommy" and of course she falls for this hook line and sinker. Gives him a hug and looks at us both like were lost little lambs. I am still speechless and just starting to grasp what my evil little mini me is up too. As he is getting his third of fourth hug he shoots me a evil little grin. It becomes crystal clear what he is up too. next I hear, "will you be my mommy?" Of course she is all touched by this. I am beat red, and noticing other shoppers stopping to watch this unfold. She gives him another hug and then says good bye to us. My son with out missing a beat turns to me and says, "Hey dad why are you so bright red?" Which of course brought a round of laughter to all the people who had over heard this and watched the whole thing. I push the cart towards another isle the whole time my son is giggling, and asking me why I look so embarrassed.

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