Christopher Moore Book Signing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So for my birthday we went to Portland ( a 3 hour drive) to go to the Christopher Moore book signing at Powell Books in Beaverton. It was amazing. He is super funny, and very nice. The place was packed. We got there 2 hours early and I am so glad we did, we would not have gotten seats if we had been a half hour later. Plus you have to get a ticket for the signing and the later you get there the higher your ticket number, the longer your wait. It started at 7pm, he talked and answered questions for about an hour then the signing started. We got through around 9:20 or so. Had diner and Firehouse Subs, my new favorite place in the whole world, and then spent over three more hours driving home. Greatest Birthday ever!!!

 Christopher Moore trying to get the mic stand to stay up, yes he had to talk dirty to it!
 After giving up on the mic stand,,,,
 Waiting for our number to be called. He would sign up to 5 books, and personalise up to two per ticket.
 In line, one person ahead of me,,,,
 Had him sign his new book Second hand souls, and he personalized my collector, leather bound, copy of Lamb, after saying it was one of the cheap crappy first editions that felt like a real bible.
It says "To Brian, Braise the Lord! (350* for 3 Hrs.)"

Such a nice guy and super funny, just so happy to finally get to meet him, and have him be as awesome a person as I had imagined. 


Summer Term

So Summer term came to an end for me today. Looks like I finished with straight A's!!!!! I finished CIS 120 with a 105%, and WR 121 in an A not sure the % yet. Either way, now I have a month off, then back at it in the fall. Going to try 15 credits this fall. I am guessing the first week I will drop down to 12, but I am going to try. 

Oh Yeah, Super Nerd!!



So Summer term is quickly winding down. A few more weeks and I get a month off of school. I am all registered for fall term. I am taking 15 credits, hope I survive. I changed my major, I was doing a one year certificate for Auto Cad, now I am doing a associate of applied science. Going to mostly focus on networking, but take a few auto card classes for work. They count as electives for my major. so it's a win, win. I get what I need for my short term work goals, and get ready for my more long term goals. I applied for a scholarship through the school and was just notified that I got it. That will really help financially. It's going to be a tough few years, but I really feel the work will be worth it. 

Finally getting to the last Apoxabox, right before the new one shows up

First we have Purinize, $15.95. This is a Water purifier. A couple drops in your water and your good to go. 

Crick-ettes, $3.00. O.K. so it's a box of crickets, salt'n vinegar flavored. My whole family tried these. There not bad, but there not going to become a regular part of my diet. 

Berry Finder $6.00. Cool book for expanding your plant knowledge. Knowledge is power!! Mostly covers the East coast, but is still a nice book to have on hand. 

Creek's "rewild" Bandana, $6.00. You never have enough of these. Made in the U.S. out of 100% cotton.

Speedy Sharp, $11. This is a super cool item. Sharpen a blade in a few seconds. Small and super handy. I am loving this item. 

Custom Arkansas Stone, $8. Really nice natural sharpener. Comes in a nice little case. The edges have a groove cut into them so you can tie the stone down for safer sharpening. 

 Keep Calm and Survive patch, $5. Another patch,,,,,,yeah. Not a big patch fan, but anywho,,,,,

Wallet Ninja, $10. You have more then likely seen these on TV and in stores. There pretty handy. 18 tool in a item the size of a credit card.

Instant bowstring + Kit $12. This is pretty amazing item. I would recommend everyone have one of these in every kit you have. It's bow string, it comes with needles for sowing up torn gear. Make traps, fish, everything you can use for cordage in one tiny container. And best of all, 700 lb tensile strength!!!

Scandinavian Kuksa, $32. This is very cool. Handmade!! This if taken care of can last a life time. It's an amazing cup.

And finally the challenge, to start a fire with a plastic water bottle and a little water in it. Haven't tried yet, but I am guessing it will be a challenge, and a good skill to perfect.

Cool but Scary web site


One of my teachers showed us this site. It shows the cyber attacks currently going on around the world. It's pretty cool to watch.

Barrett's Honor College

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