Finally getting to the last Apoxabox, right before the new one shows up

First we have Purinize, $15.95. This is a Water purifier. A couple drops in your water and your good to go. 

Crick-ettes, $3.00. O.K. so it's a box of crickets, salt'n vinegar flavored. My whole family tried these. There not bad, but there not going to become a regular part of my diet. 

Berry Finder $6.00. Cool book for expanding your plant knowledge. Knowledge is power!! Mostly covers the East coast, but is still a nice book to have on hand. 

Creek's "rewild" Bandana, $6.00. You never have enough of these. Made in the U.S. out of 100% cotton.

Speedy Sharp, $11. This is a super cool item. Sharpen a blade in a few seconds. Small and super handy. I am loving this item. 

Custom Arkansas Stone, $8. Really nice natural sharpener. Comes in a nice little case. The edges have a groove cut into them so you can tie the stone down for safer sharpening. 

 Keep Calm and Survive patch, $5. Another patch,,,,,,yeah. Not a big patch fan, but anywho,,,,,

Wallet Ninja, $10. You have more then likely seen these on TV and in stores. There pretty handy. 18 tool in a item the size of a credit card.

Instant bowstring + Kit $12. This is pretty amazing item. I would recommend everyone have one of these in every kit you have. It's bow string, it comes with needles for sowing up torn gear. Make traps, fish, everything you can use for cordage in one tiny container. And best of all, 700 lb tensile strength!!!

Scandinavian Kuksa, $32. This is very cool. Handmade!! This if taken care of can last a life time. It's an amazing cup.

And finally the challenge, to start a fire with a plastic water bottle and a little water in it. Haven't tried yet, but I am guessing it will be a challenge, and a good skill to perfect.

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