Christopher Moore Book Signing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So for my birthday we went to Portland ( a 3 hour drive) to go to the Christopher Moore book signing at Powell Books in Beaverton. It was amazing. He is super funny, and very nice. The place was packed. We got there 2 hours early and I am so glad we did, we would not have gotten seats if we had been a half hour later. Plus you have to get a ticket for the signing and the later you get there the higher your ticket number, the longer your wait. It started at 7pm, he talked and answered questions for about an hour then the signing started. We got through around 9:20 or so. Had diner and Firehouse Subs, my new favorite place in the whole world, and then spent over three more hours driving home. Greatest Birthday ever!!!

 Christopher Moore trying to get the mic stand to stay up, yes he had to talk dirty to it!
 After giving up on the mic stand,,,,
 Waiting for our number to be called. He would sign up to 5 books, and personalise up to two per ticket.
 In line, one person ahead of me,,,,
 Had him sign his new book Second hand souls, and he personalized my collector, leather bound, copy of Lamb, after saying it was one of the cheap crappy first editions that felt like a real bible.
It says "To Brian, Braise the Lord! (350* for 3 Hrs.)"

Such a nice guy and super funny, just so happy to finally get to meet him, and have him be as awesome a person as I had imagined. 

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