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Fall Term

So fall term just started. I am working full time, and trying to take 15 credits. 2 classes are tied together, so it's basically like one big course. It's a pretty cool class so far, we work in teams of two in the brand new networking lab. We have multiple computers and our own network we get to play with. We have a professional server room that we can go into and work on. I am really looking forward to this class. My health class is my first ever online class. I am kind of on the fence so far. I like a class room, and this seems like I could easily get lost and fall behind. But it is the future, and I need to get used to it. I have three or four more in the next two terms.

Political Season

As the political season slowly heats up I am reminded of something I have believed and tried to practice my entire adult life. I vote not for the person who promises to do the most good, but for the candidate that I truly believe will cause the least harm. The damage a politician causes will haunt us much longer then any good deeds they achieve. I also strongly believe in voting for a candidate not a political party. Political parties are like organized religions, they hide behind there lies of helping the greater good                                (THE GREATER GOOD)
but truly only care about promoting their own agenda and personal interests. But when in doubt, vote for the person with the weirdest name. At the very least you will be entertained by the puppets on the news broadcasts butchering their names when they do something wrong, which we all know is just simple a matter of time before they do. I know somewhere out there is a person with the name of  Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­…

Apocabox, August 2015

Pretty cool box this month. Creek did it again. Not sure how he keeps finding such cool new stuff for us, but he continues to impress me. So lets get into this box.

So first up was the Ishwash Personal Eyewash: $12.99. Screw it onto any ordinary water bottle and you have a personal eyewash station. For anyone that has ever gotten something into there eye, you know exactly how important this is to have in your first aid kit. 
Next was the Ursa major Face wipes: $3. I will be the first to admit that when I opened the box I thought these were rubbers. I was like damn Creek what kinda camping trip you planning on? But come to find out these are "super natural" skin care wipes. Have not tried them yet but I am sure there great. Always found wet wipes super handy. In the Army we all kept a small pack of them in our kits just makes you feel a little more human washing up once in a while. 
I heart Knives patch: $5, umm I am not a patch guy, so I will just move on,,,,
Next is the Day zer…