Scientology: “The Dark Side of Scientology”

Sunday, May 28th, 2006

Scientology crimes: Murder; extortion; blackmail; kidnapping; child abuse; child neglect; slave labor camps; burglary; racketeering. These crimes and more are part of life within the Scientology mob. This video explores these crimes, with interviews from a few of the Scientologists ordered by the Scientology mob to commit them. “To the Scientology organization,” one victim of Scientology said, “human life does not mean a thing.” Garry Scarff explained Scientology’s RPF: the mob’s “Rehabilitation Project Force,” where Scientologists who no longer want to be Scientologists are sent to be “re-educated” via forced-labor reindoctrination camps where prisoners receive very little food and almost no sleep. Some Scientology prisoners have been observed being chained up in cellars to keep them from leaving Scientology. Several mysterious Scientology deaths are also explored. “Tom Cruise profited from the slave labor of Scientology prisoners,” Andre Tabayoyon testified in a sworn declaration http://holysmoke.org/sm/tabayoyon. htm

Human rights abuses within Scientology are systemic and all-pervasive. Suicide and child abuse are also common within Scientology. The victims of Scientology are almost always Scientologists.

There is a two part video that is pretty good.

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