Student scumbags humiliate hobo

In a cruel and stupid nation, it's no surprise that high-schoolers are cruel and stupid.

But the complete lack of humanity shown by the graduating class of Alabama's Huntsville High School is a new low: Five students have been suspended for luring an old homeless man to the school and then stripping him naked so all the kids could laugh at the humiliated hobo.

The occasion? "Senior prank day," when the ready-for-adulthood little monsters try to outdo each other with acts of depravity.

Jim Shields, a 53-year-old mentally ill Vietnam veteran, was promised food and money for following the high-schoolers to the campus.

Once in the hallway and apparently surrounded by a mob of students, his pants were yanked off and he stood there naked except for a t-shirt.

The students thought the bewildered and humiliated homeless man was truly hilarious.

While up to 40 cretinous kids are said to have been involved, only four seniors are being punished with a slap on the wrist: They'll have to do some volunteer work at a homeless shelter, and they're prohibited from taking part in graduation ceremonies and events.

But none of them will be arrested, and none of them will be flunked out of school without a diploma.

Proud of themselves

Several of the evil, stupid kids have posted their happy accounts of the "prank" on websites. One even posted photos of the deranged, naked bum.

"This is for all who thought our senior prank was hilarious, and that think it's bullsh*t that they are making such a big deal over it," student ringleader Charles Bendall bragged on the website Facebook.com.

Other students left comments cheering the humiliation.

"Brilliant, legendary, comical excellence and you can quote that WAFF," said one student, referring to a local TV station that did several news reports on the outrage.

"This will go down in history, end of story," wrote a Huntsville student.

Alabama has a rich history of such stupid cruelty.

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