65% say you suck

Another day, another new low for George W. Bush.

The latest poll from USA Today and Gallup shows the president's approval rating at a dismal 31%, while his disapproval rating has hit an all-time high of 65%.
Gallup pollsters interviewed 1,013 Americans over the weekend.

"You hear people say he has a hard core that will never desert him, and that has been the case for most of the administration," political scientist Charles Franklin told USA Today.

"But for the last few months, we started to see that hard core seriously erode in support."
An Associated Press poll released on Friday had Bush's job approval rating at 33%, a new low for
the AP polls.

Fish Story

While there's no end to the serious war crimes and constitutional outrages being committed by the Bush Administration or the daily criminal scandals ensnaring White House officials and top allies, Bush is also plagued by petty incidents that erode what little regard Americans have for him.

After telling a German reporter that his proudest moment as president was catching a fish while he was away on another vacation in Texas, fishing experts noted that the 7.5-pound perch he allegedly caught would be three pounds heavier than any known perch in North America.

But the White House transcription of the interview claims Bush actually said "largemouth bass," not perch. Largemouth bass have been caught weighing more than 20 pounds.

It's bad enough that Bush thinks catching a fish on vacation is the high point of his presidency. It's even worse that his fish story appears to be as phony as the rest of his "regular guy" act.

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