Grandpa Bush violated Geronimo's skull

One of the Bush family's most macabre crimes is squirming in the light again, thanks to an 88-year-old letter discovered in the bowels of Yale University.

In 1918, Prescott Bush reportedly raided the actual grave of Apache warrior Geronimo.

The Indian hero was buried at the Apache Indian Prisoner of War Cemetery.

Bush, like his son George and grandson George W. after him -- along with a substantial percentage of America's political, corporate and media elite -- was a member of "The Order" known as Skull and Bones.

Stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, during World War I with other Bonesmen, young Prescott and his gang dug up the gravesite of the legendary Indian fighter and took the bones back to the Order's headquarters at Yale.

Geronimo had died in shame just a decade earlier, a prisoner on the Fort Sill army base. He was a brilliant fighter and spiritual leader for millions of Native Americans who had lost almost everything to the United States government.

Born as Goyathlay to an Apache family in today's New Mexico, he got the mysterious nickname Geronimo from the Mexican troops he bedeviled for so many years. From the 1850s to his surrender to the U.S. Army in 1886, Geronimo won every battle against the Mexican and U.S. military, or at least escaped to fight another day.

88 years of morbid rumors

Ever since the grave was raided, Apache survivors have been horrified by the stories of what happened to their warrior's remains.

Skull and Bones has long been the "finishing school" for the Bush men -- along with other elites such as John Kerry, John Negroponte, William Howard Taft and dozens of congressmen and senators along with heads of the major corporations, the GOP and U.S. Treasury. Only 15 new seniors are "tapped" each year and then subjected to brutal hazing and bizarre rituals designed to make the Bonesmen both intensely loyal to the Order and subject to sexual blackmail.

One long-rumored ritual requires the new Bonesman -- known in the Order as a "knight" -- to do something obscene to Geronimo's skull. Using the actual human remains of a beloved American Indian historical figure for a secret society's hazing rituals shows just how the Skull and Bones men see the world they are trained to control.

Today the grave-robbing story has been verified by the wire services and cable news channels, after Yale Alumni Magazine published the details of the damning letter in the new issue.

"For decades, it has been the most controversial and sordid of all the mysteries surrounding Yale's best-known secret society. The story was widely rumored but, despite the efforts of reporters and historians and the public complaints of Apache leaders in the 1980s, never verified," the Yale magazine reported.

"A former senior editor of the Yale Alumni Magazine has now discovered the only known contemporary evidence: a reference in private correspondence from one senior Bonesman to another."

The letter reads, in part: "The skull of the worthy Geronimo the Terrible, exhumed from its tomb at Fort Sill by your club & the K -- t [Knight] Haffner, is now safe inside the T -- [Tomb] together with his well worn femurs[,] bit & saddle horn."

Crime for crime's sake

With so many of the Bush dynasty's crimes, the outrageousness of the offense works as a kind of magic amulet for the evil family.

Decent people find it difficult to believe anyone would deliberately launch a false war that would kill thousands of Americans, intentionally let poor neighborhoods be destroyed by flooding while at least 1,600 people drown, back the Nazis while profiting handsomely from Auschwitz slave labor, or prop up brutal dictators such as Saddam Hussein, Manuel Noriega and the Saudi royals.

While cold, calculated business interests can explain most of those public crimes of the dynasty, sometimes the skeletons in the Bush family's closets are only there to rudely dishonor the dead and their crushed descendents.

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