Cripple and deaf man brawl

I know this is not the type of crap I usually post, but how often do you get a chance to post on a fight like this. The only thing that would be funnier then this, is if Bush and Chenney had a slap fight in there tighty whitey's on the white house lawn.

A man with two prosthetic legs was driving around with a deaf man he'd met in a bar when he got so angry that he pulled over and tried to beat the crap out of his deaf passenger.

But the passenger had other plans. And thus sleepy Valparaiso, Indiana awoke to the sound of a cripple being beaten on Thursday night.

Legless Kent Hisey, 52, met deaf James Mills, 46, at the Playboy Lounge in New Chicago. He offered to give Mills a ride home.

Several hours -- and several cities in Indiana -- later, Hisey was fed up with Mills' poor directions and communications skills.

So he stopped his car at a local airport, got out, and pulled Mills out of the car -- at which point the deaf man clocked the cripple and sent him sprawling.

Paramedics arrived on the scene and informed Mills (in writing, naturally) that he was being arrested on a battery charge.

Hisey was totally trashed when the argument occurred, and was arrested for drunk driving.

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