I'm so very torn by this web site. On one hand I am very out ragged by what Coke has done, and/or allowed to happen. Discrimination, murder, kidnapping, torture, and polluting of water supplies. But still I love Coke, what can I say. I have always been a fan of there products. So I am at such a crossroads. Do I give up my favorite drink, for my moral beliefs. I have been good for about a month, sticking with Pepsi, and actually started drinking more juice, but still I crave a cold coke on a hot sunny day. Please coke, change your ways so I can have peace in my life. I need you, but I need to stick to my morals, and beliefs more.


the captain said...

You should give it up for your health bro...

Soda is nasty, nasty stuff.

Drink water, you'll live longer.

Cheeky Monkey said...

I know, I know, but I'm just so weak!! I need a intervention I guess.


Started my first class at ASU, it's pretty amazing to be in the big time.