Tehran hopes to open the 'Great Satan Park'

In Illinois half-wit reactionaries are having their park scrubbed of any hint of the Devil. Meanwhile in Tehran folks are heading in the opposite direction. There's a movement afoot to open a park commemorating the "Great Satan."

General Mir-Faisal Bagherzadeh shared his idea for the former U.S. Embassy in Iran with the Islamic Republic News Agency.

"The former American Den of Spies should become the park of Great Satan," he said. "We would be able to nicely show off the American crimes to citizens strolling in the park."

Bagherzadeh is the head of the Sacred Defence Foundation, a propaganda machine set up to remember the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war.

The embassy was of course the site of the infamous Iran Hostage Crisis in 1979, when 52 Americans were held by Iranian students for 444.

The revolution toppled the U.S.-backed Shah of Iran, while the hostage taking effectively killed President Carter's already flagging hopes for re-election.

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