No success like failure

Proving again that there's no success like failure, George W. Bush has once again topped himself when it comes to people saying he sucks.

A new Harris poll shows the hated president can now claim "job approval" from just 29% of Americans. Only five months ago, Bush was polling in the low 40s.

It's even worse when broken down by his administration's sundry and staggering failures, scandals and crimes.

Only 13% -- apparently the last psychotic members of the collapsed and heartbroken Bush cult -- can pretend to approve of Bush's handling of the gasoline crisis.

That's eating away at what's left of the "Republican base," along with a White House immigration policy that is probably the only rational policy in the Bush Administration's history, but one that utterly ignores working-class Republicans' intense fear of Mexicans.

As for Iraq, even the most fanatical couch warriors have anything good to say about the prospects for anything beyond a long, bloody and humiliating defeat.

Congress is more despised than even Bush and his royal court, probably because there are so many more people to hate in the House and Senate. The almost-daily indictments, convictions and whore-bribery scandals aren't helping, either.

But the lame and criminally complicit Democratic Party shouldn't be celebrating.

Their "leaders" are about as unpopular as Bush himself.

According to yet another new poll, Hillary Clinton is in the best position -- with a pathetic 34% approval rating.

The last two losers are much worse off, with Al Gore at 28% and John Kerry at 26%.

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