Worse than Clinton

The headlines have been reminding Americans almost daily how little they think of the current president. The newest poll holds Bush up to the harsh, unforgiving light of his predecessor.

In a poll conducted last week by Opinion Research Corp. for CNN, 1,021 people were asked to compare George Bush's performance to that of Bill Clinton.

Slick Willy kicked Dubya's ass.

Even though Vice President Cheney has assured us that "deficits don't matter," 63% of Americans think Clinton did a better job with the economy. Only 26% opted for Bush.

Though Bush fancies himself a regular guy, only 25% of folks think he's been effective in handling the problems of ordinary Americans. Clinton was preferred by 62% of those polled.

Bush famously once declared himself a "uniter," but 59% say he's done far more to divide the country. People clearly recognized that Clinton did far more to bring people together, as only 27% felt he was divisive.

Despite near-unanimous acknowledgement that Clinton committed perjury, 46% said he was the more honest of the two. Only 41% went with Bush.

As one goes down the list, on every front -- foreign affairs, taxes, natural disasters -- Americans went with the fat, lecherous, up-by-the-bootstraps hillbilly over the pampered, ever-falling-up faux cowboy.

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