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I have started two other blogs, not that anyone reads this one, but anywho, the first is a game, that my friends and I used to play, called top 10, I was hopping that people would jump at the idea to play, but so far I can't get anyone to join in. Basicly the idea is, to come up with 10 reason for anything. You can be as crazy as you want. Anything goes. I thought people would jump at the idea, but so far no one has joined in. OH well. the link is, http://top-ten-reasons.blogspot.com/ . I am sure someone else will steel the idea, and make it a huge hit, and soon everyone will be top tenning, but till then,,,,, Second, I decided to start a blog about being a single dad. You probably won't learn anything, but maybe you might chuckle a few times. The link to it is http://tips4dads.blogspot.com/ Haven't posted much there yet, but hopefully in the near future it will be completly up and running.

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