Neil gives it away

Neil Young couldn't wait for his Bush-smackin' new record to reach stores next week, so he put the whole thing on the Internet today.
You can listen to the entire CD online here.
The recording and mixing was done in a few weeks starting March 29, and Reprise Records got its first listen last week.
"Living With War" is a 10-song album recorded live with a three-piece band, some trumpet and a 100-person choir that was added the week after the sessions,
Young says on his website.
It's got lots of raw distorted "Ragged Glory"-style lead guitar from Young and angry lyrics about being lied to, spied on and ripped off.
Young has also launched a blog and the inevitable MySpace page.
-I listened to about half the album, and it was really good. I actually liked it. A huge compliment coming from me.

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