Murdered for his iPod

A teenager in Belgium was murdered for his iPod this month, and on Sunday some 80,000 people protested the awful crime.
Joe Van Holsbeeck, a 17-year-old boy, was stabbed to death at the main train station in Brussels on April 12.
Security camera videotapes reportedly show
two "North African" men demanding the iPod and then killing Holsbeeck.
Police released the video to the media, but the murderers are still at large.
The murder of Holsbeeck and the huge protest on Sunday are just the the latest signs of trouble between white Europeans and Muslims.
But Holsbeeck's mother tried to steer the fury away from generic anti-Muslim sentiment, which is doing quite well in Europe all by itself.
"Don't ask me to hate all Arabs,"
she told the Belgian newspaper La Derniere Heure.
"The youths that killed my son are thugs, but don't generalize."
Local Islamic leaders have publicly pleaded with their fellow Muslims to turn in the killers, but so far nothing has happened.
While such crime is
common in the United States, Europeans are increasingly going crazy over the bloody turn their world has taken.
The iPod's distinctive white earphoones have are an
invitation to be mugged almost anywhere on Earth.

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