Military Free Zone

In the USA, under the No Child Left Behind Act, if you attend a high school that receives federal funding your school system is required to turn over your private information to the U.S. military for recruitment purposes! (With the exception of a few private schools, almost every school in the USA receives federal funding.)

Your school is NOT required to tell you that they are giving your private information to the military.

YOU CAN PROTECT YOURSELF! Sec. 9528 of the No Child Left Behind Act gives you the right to OPT OUT. This means that you can turn in a form, signed by your guardian or parent, which states that you do not want the military to have access to your private information.

This will remove you from the list your school hands over to the military - but only for the school year during which you opted out. To keep your name and information out of the military's hands you must opt out each and every school year!

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