Bush Eases Environmental Rules on Gasoline

Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 35 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - Under election-year pressure to reduce surging gasoline prices,
President Bush on Tuesday halted filling of the nation's emergency oil reserve, urged the waiver of clean air rules to ease local gas shortages and called for the repeal of $2 billion in tax breaks for profit-heavy oil companies.

Still, experts said Bush's actions wouldn't have much impact on prices at the pump. The president warned that motorists would have to dig deep into their pockets all summer long.
Bush urged lawmakers to expand tax breaks for the purchase of fuel-efficient hybrid automobiles, a politically popular measure that's also supported by environmentalists. He also directed the Environmental Protection Agency' to use its authority to temporarily waive air quality laws in states if that would relieve a local gasoline supply shortage.

The White House was unable to say how much Bush's actions could affect the price of gas.
Bush said, "Every little bit helps."

So this motherfucker thinks that he can slip another one past America. Bypassing the enviro laws, that only helps his and don't shoots bottom line, and does nothing for Americans, except now we have to pay more to drive to see the what was once beautiful scenery, but has now been polluted beyond belief. Thanks Shrub, you are a huge FUCKER!!!!

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