Candles in the Darkness

Candles in the Darkness
By Dr Brian Cobb

The government's murderous enforcement of its curfews, intended only to silence the voice of the people as they demand peace, democracy and justice, has horrified the civilized world and invalidated any claims of legitimacy by this unconstitutional and lawless regime. Even as it imposes load-shedding to darken homes, it imposes a veil of darkness by interfering with the media, public assembly, speech, human rights monitoring and, most outrageously, medical care for the injured. It adds insult to injury by forcibly carting away the bodies of its victims.

Any doubts about the character and intentions of the royal government have been vanquished by the terrible truth. The carnage of the past two weeks is not merely the sacrifice of innocent lives to the vicious and bloodthirsty incarnations of evil who have seized power and imposed their will on the people; it is the evidence which indicts its perpetrators and precludes any fate for them other than trial and lifelong imprisonment.

Foreign nations can no longer justify their tepid condemnations and continued financial support. They can no longer propose diplomatic solutions that maintain murderers in power and deny justice to the victims. Not this time, not any more.

Authority carries accountability as surely as wind carries clouds. The horrors of the 20th century's two world wars, the Nazi Holocaust and Stalin's and Mao's terrors have awakened the world to the universality and inalienability of human rights and the need for constant vigilance and unwavering justice. If karma got Slobodon Milosovic before his verdict, Saddam Hussain's karmic debt is coming due. So it will be for those who, under color of authority, slay the innocent in the streets of Nepal.

Vengeance is a terrible thing, but justice an essential thing. The sufferings of the victims must be validated, the deterrence of law maintained, and closure must be effected by impartial investigation, fair trial and proportional punishment.

Any solution to the current crisis cannot accommodate criminals. The mistakes of the first Jana Andolan must be recalled and learnt. No government built on the rotting foundation of a corrupt feudal autocracy can long survive in the 21st century. No guilty man can remain unpunished, and no martyr unacknowledged.

Nepalis are a brave, decent and gentle people. They have charmed the world and now their voice is being heard, their cries of distress understood. Let all Nepalis at 9 PM on Sunday extinguish their lights to draw attention to the dark hearts of their oppressors and light candles in their windows to demonstrate their resolve to restore peace, democracy and justice.

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on Sunday 23 April 2006 at 8:06 pm

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