Chronicle Forced To Issue Retraction On 9/11 Hit Piece

Encounters massive backlash from alternative media

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com April 20 2006

Yesterday's San Francisco Chronicle 9/11 hit piece by Cinnamon Stillwell has encountered massive backlash from the alternative truth community after it cynically dismissed legitimate concerns about 9/11 and labeled anyone who voiced them as anti-semitic extremists.

In a new development this morning, the paper was forced to issue a retraction following Cinnamon Stillwell's outright falsehood that the "whole country witnessed the horrific sight of planes flying into the....Pentagon," a glaring error first highlighted by this website on Wednesday morning.

The statement reads,
"Cinnamon Stillwell's column Wednesday on SFGate originally stated that images of the plane that struck the Pentagon had been seen by the American public. No such images have been made public."

Chalk up another victory for the 9/11 Truth Movement! If Stillwell can't even get this right, what other piles of horse manure has her shoddy research led her into?

After this website first issued a rebuttal to the piece yesterday morning several other noted cyber patriots have followed suit.

Mike Rivero of WhatReallyHappened.com, one of the websites cited in the original hit piece, encouraged readers to e mail Stillwell and issued a three point challenge based on smoking guns of which Stillwell carefully avoided discussion in her smear attack.

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