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Immigration Agents Raid Local Business

Jackson Business Raided By Immigration Agents

By Marsha Thompson marsha@wlbt.net

Federal agents raided a west Jackson business Wednesday morning. It was part of a nationwide crackdown on suspected illegal immigrants. While politicians continue to debate immigration reform, so-called "ICE" agents launched the crackdown on undocumented workers. Surprise raids were carried out at a number of 'IFCO' businesses. One bust was right here in Jackson.
The well-organized early morning crackdown by "ICE" (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents took place in several locations. Among them, Houston, Texas, Albany, New York, Portland, Oregon and Jackson, Mississippi.
Agents arrested suspected illegal immigrants working for 'IFCO Systems' based in Houston, Texas.
One man whose brother was taken into custody had said, "This thing is not no good man. We need work."
Agents checked paperwork and loaded suspected illegal immigrants onto a Department of Homeland Security bus.
The very same scene unfolded at the company's IFCO Systems Mississippi warehouse. The business is located at the west Jackson Industrial park off Boling Street.
A federal customs agent in New Orleans told WLBT News the raid was part of an on-going "ICE" work-site investigation. He refused to elaborate on how many people were detained or arrested and so did the general manager at Jackson's IFCO plant. The massive warehouse was vacant... no one was around. Upstairs in an IFCO office, we asked the manager, Brian Lorenz, how many people were busted. He had no comment.
A hand full of arrest warrants were still on Lorenz's desk. Federal agents aren't saying much about the raids, but government officials do say indictments are expected against IFCO executives who are accused of hiring the undocumented workers.
WLBT was unable to contact IFCO systems headquarters in Houston for comment.
Thursday, "ICE" officials plan to unveil what it calls a "comprehensive immigration enforcement strategy for the nation's interior."

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