Congressman David Wu

Now, normally, I lump all politicians into one of two baskets. Crooked fuckers(republicans) and passive/lazy fuckers(democrat's). Neither rates very high on my list. A politician is a politician. Out for himself, and only after the money(Republicans). Or just kinda of confused as to who they are, were they are, and what they should be doing(Democrats). BUT, and here is a big but, I have to take my hat off to Dem. Congressman David Wu. I met him once, when he first ran for office, and I thought he was a all right guy. He seemed very genuine, and down to earth. Someone you would like to have in office. I have watched him, thence taking office, and I must say, I really respect what he is doing, not only for my state(Oregon), but for the country as a whole. He has voted with his heart, not with the majority. I can honestly say, if there were more politicians like him, I might actually respect the government.

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