Meth + nail gun = headache

Methamphetamine has been scaring people senseless for some time now. It not only rots your teeth, it seriously impairs your judgement. Do enough meth and you may fire a dozen nails into your skull.
That's what one 33-year-old man did in an attempt to kill himself last year, according to a report by Dr. G. Alexander West in the new issue of the Journal of Neurosurgery.
The man came in at first only claiming of a headache.
An x-ray revealed six nails between his right ear and eye, two under the ear and four more below the left eye.
At first the unidentified man claimed he'd had an accident with a nail gun. Doctors might have bought the story had it been one, maybe two nails, but twelve? He finally admitted it was a meth-fueled suicide attempt.
Using a drill and some needle-nosed pliers, surgeons removed the nails.
Miraculously, the nails did no major damage. They came close to major blood vessels and the brain stem but somehow failed to pierce anything vital.
The suicidal junkie was then sent to the psyche ward. A month later he checked himself out against his doctor's orders.

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