Maurice Strong Linked To ‘Gospel of Judas’ Cult

Sunday, April 16th, 2006

A previous article noted that the sudden appearance on major US print Media on April 7, 2006 of a story giving credence to the veracity of the so-called Gospel of Judas appeared on www.scoreboard-canada.com/today-ph0804.htm . This noted that most of the major newspapers in the USA are under the control of persons and corporate entities connected to the United Nations sponsored Oil-For-Food (some say fraud) Program. More information has been discovered regarding this document that indicates it is nothing more than a sinister disinformation/propaganda campaign by the Illuminati.

More Evidence:
1. Previous issue linked AXA French Insurer and alleged oil for food company to the
Media pushing the story.

2. Shumei the Japanese Cult linked to the Maecenas Institute that had the “gospel”, has its so-called International Center in Crestone, Colorado. Which is where Canadian United Nations new age guru, Maurice Strong has his wife running an alleged cult compound.

3. In fact, Shumei moved there after meeting with his wife through the InterFaith Center of New York. This is part of the push for the United Religions Initiative.

4. You know what the Bible says about the One World Religion.

5. Maurice Strong is allegedly linked to and now in fact disgraced because of the United Nations Oil For Food scandal.

www.crestonecolorado.com/shambala.html and http://www.shumeicrestone.org/complex.html“Why Crestone ?” …why indeed. www.shumeicrestone.org/articles/why_crestone.html .
Maurice Strong and the occult- www.sprynet.com/~eastwood01/mstrong2.htm and www.canadafreepress.com/2005/edesk042305.htm .
Maurice Strong and Oil For Food. www.signonsandiego.com/news/world/20050419-1546-un-canada-oil.html .

6. It was in the first article on this matter that mention of the coincidence of the british court case going well for Dan Brown and the Da Vinci Code coming out on the big screen at the same time .

The Da Vinci Code starts with the Louvre Museum pyramid by I.M. Pei. Guess who designed the 250 Million Dollar Miho Museum of the Shumei cult near Kyoto?
I.M. Pei.
www.infoplease.com/ce6/people/A0838053.html .

Shumei Miho Cult Horus = www.jasonkaufman.com/articles/japanese_museum_offers_spiritual.htm . No one knows where they get their money. Their most expensive item in the museum is an ancient egyptian Horus statute. You know…the eye of horus. Like the Illuminati eye on the pyramid in the dollar in our wallets.
http://www.strayreality.com/Lanis_Strayreality/thirdeye.htm/ .

8. AXA sound like Aqsa like Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem which happened to be the headquarters of the Knight Templars that were always digging under the Solomon’s
Temple area. Look at the Axa symbol. See the “x” as in crossed thigh bones. See the skull with two eyes and one nose hole on top of the top row of teeth?
Too much imagination? No Masonic connection? See next link.
Pls scoll down 30% of the way-
http://www.textfriend.net/zerohero/index.php/2006/04/01/the-masonic-code/or google - axa templars france- see story on Axa International running Masonic House Restaurant in of all places Singapore.

Conclusion: It is inconceivable that the oil for food people own our major print Media and all of them push the judas nonsense right before Easter being a coincidence AND it all hooks up with Maurice Strong and the UN Oil For Food fiasco.

Google - United Nations Shumei - They are involved with Kofi Annan’s organization as well. Kofi’s dad was a high ranking freemason in Ghana. www.davidicke.com/content/category/6/35/56/ or google obvious terms.

Dear Reader: This cannot be an accident. When you look at these people , the story, the timing and their agenda - the premise is proven. These are satanists and they own our newspapers. Seek The Truth and it shall set you free. The opposite of that is remain settled in ignorance and the illuminati will continue to enslave you.

PH Craftlove

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