The other lost war

With all the horror in Iraq, most Americans have forgotten about that other U.S. failure in the wake of 9/11: the war in Afghanistan.

Not only are the Taliban undefeated, U.S. forces in Afghanistan are now flying far more combat missions there than in Iraq.

According to Fox News and Associated Press, the United States made 750 air strikes in the month of May alone -- that's 24 bombing missions per day.

The commander of U.S. air operations in Afghanistan, Lt. Gen. Gary L. North, told reporters this week that "insurgents" are stronger than ever.

"We have seen more direct support in Afghanistan that is of a kinetic effect than in Iraq of late," North said, using military code for "we're screwed."

Rebel forces in the provinces of Helmand and Kandahar have been especially effective against the U.S. and NATO troops who have been trying to stabilize the war-torn country for five bloody years without success.

Many Afghans hated the Taliban and longed for the less-fanatical Northern Alliance to win the long civil war that began when U.S.-backed rebels led by Osama bin Laden fought off the Soviet occupiers.

But with the list of civilian casualties and U.S. war atrocities growing weekly -- on May 21 alone, at least 34 innocent Afghans were killed by American bombs -- Afghans are increasingly rooting for the Taliban to rule again.

At least 248 U.S. troops have been killed during the Afghanistan War so far.

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