The good, the bad and the stupid

A Brazilian drug kingpin wanted by authorities on 12 counts of trafficking walked in through the front door of the local prison and gave a testimonial during the sermon. He then promptly walked straight out again, with officials none the wiser.

Alberico Medeiros, who says he has abandoned his criminal activities now that Jesus is his saviour, spoke during a Pentecostal sermon in front of 480 inmates. He reeled off his own personal rap-sheet for all listening, discussing his drug use and violent ways.

However, the Pentecostal perp wasn't recognized by prison officers and left through the front door after the sermon. But if the J-man has forgiven him his sins, it seems Brazilian police haven't.

"He may have repented his sins, but he is wanted by the police," said an investigator in Rio. "It's incredible that he dares to show up in a prison like that, talking about his crimes, and nobody even stops him."

The Brazilian criminal seems to have more of a clue than a would-be Japanese bank robber who walked into a bank and asked staff how he should carry out the crime. When bank staff asked him to leave, the thick thief quietly walked out and somehow managed to accidentally stab himself in the leg with the knife he was carrying.

The man walked up to a bank teller and asked, "Any idea how you rob a bank?" A staff member asked the man to leave and escorted him out of the building, but as he did so noticed the knife handle sticking out of the robber's pants, and blood on his trousers.

The clueless criminal was arrested for illegal possession of a weapon. "He didn't brandish the knife at anyone ... but he injured himself in the leg," the police spokesman said.

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