Art pics get art teacher fired

A high school teacher has been fired, not for everyday reasons like having sex with students or driving drunk, but for the truly terrible crime of being photographed nude in various artsy settings.

Austin art teacher Tamara Hoover has found herself embroiled in controversy after another teacher ratted her out for appearing in the photos on Flickr.

Hoover, beloved by students and respected by her peers, had argued all year with teacher Gayle "Snitchy" Andrews over a kiln. After a recent spat, students told Andrews that they knew how to get back at Hoover -- by telling authorities about the completely harmless, non-pornographic pictures her photographer partner had taken of her.

School officials acted quickly to fire Hoover.

In a city where women regularly bathe top-free and its most popular homeless person walks around town in a thong, it is chilling news indeed to hear that cute punky art gals can get fired for being cute and punky.

The Austin American-Statesman opined, "The public rightly expects a certain level of decorum from its teachers."

And indeed, what business does an art teacher have actually producing art? It's unseemly!

"They are firing me for pictures of me being on a website ... and claiming the website is pornographic," Hoover wrote on her Myspace page.

Intrepid researchers will be disappointed to find that most of the photographs are down, leaving only images of an adorable young woman jumping around and sitting (clothed) in bed.

One Statesman reader commented, "much younger kids can find real porno online in seconds if they so desire."

Hoover is accepting donations for her legal defense.

What kind of bullshit is this? It's not like she was in a porn, she was making art, for fucks sake, come on people!!!!!

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