Gays are born that way?!?!

A shocking new study proves that gays aren't deviant monsters who choose to love men. As shocking as it may sound, God makes homosexuals.

Science had known for years that the more older brothers a made had, the more likely he was to be gay. Some people assumed this was because young boys grow accustomed to the affections of other boys. Others figured that as the baby of the family, they become sissified momma's boys.

Not true, says Anthony F. Bogaert of the Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

His research shows that these people don't choose to be gay as they grow older; rather, they come out of the womb that way.

"The research suggests that the development of sexual orientation is influenced before birth," says Bogaert.

Bogaert first discovered the link between fraternal birth order and male homosexuality a decade ago. What he didn't know was "Why?"

"Is it a biological phenomenon? Or is it psychological or have to do with rearing?" he said without giggling.

Bogaert followed 944 Canadian men, both straight and gay. The older-brother effect was constant regardless of whether men were raised with their biological or adoptive families.

Sven Bocklandt, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles, is excited about the new findings.

"For me as a molecular geneticist, this study opens a new path of research into the biology of sexual orientation," Bocklandt said.

Bocklandt wants to start testing mothers of multiple sons to see if there's something in their blood that responds to genes linked to homosexuality.

With this amazing new discovery, legislators may be forced to acknowledge that gays are human.

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