America loves Nazis

Outrageous new evidence points to CIA-Nazi collaboration that far exceeded previously known post-World War II efforts to take Hitler's "best and brightest" under the wing of America's intelligence agencies and aerospace industry.

The Federation of American Scientists -- a government-watchdog group founded by the nuclear pioneers who created the atomic bomb for the United States -- released pages of damning documents on June 6.

A pair of Washington renegades (Sen. Mike DeWine and Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney) finally succeeded in forcing the intel agencies to release some documents they've kept hidden for half a century, despite the efforts by the few brave Senators and U.S. Representatives who believed Washington's long love affair with Nazi Germany's cruelest monsters should come to light.

Porter Goss, the CIA boss who recently quit under a cloud of scandal, was reportedly a great help in getting the old CIA documents released.

The FAS report, "New Information on Cold War CIA Stay-Behind Operations in Germany and on the Adolf Eichmann Case" (PDF file) details the extensive use and cover of war-criminal Nazis by Washington as well as U.S. operations in Europe that swept up the Nazis' top scientists to safety before actual Allied troops arrived.

At nearly every level of defense, intelligence and technological power in the United States, avowed Nazis took prime positions and big salaries in exchange for their technical know-how, gruesome genocide techniques and anti-Soviet theology.

The right-wing shadow government operations that Washington left behind in Europe never really left; instead, they formed the anti-communist "stay behind" militias and false-flag terror groups that Washington weakly denies to this day.

The 27,000 pages of previously Top Secret documents also show the American government's utter lack of interest in Holocaust architect's Adolf Eichmann and his new life in Argentina. Eichmann was the monster in charge of exterminating European Jews; the gas chambers were his idea, among other horrors. He was finally captured, tried and executed by Israel.

As a boy in Austria, Eichmann had been viciously teased by classmates because of his dark complexion and Jewish features. They called him "the little Jew," a taunting insult he would not forget when loading European trains with Jewish families from all over Europe.

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