Bush - Most Hated President Ever Stole Both Elections

The latest polls say Americans now dislike Bush more than any other president including even Tricky Dick. It only took the public five and half year to see through him.

That said, I wonder how long it will take people to accept the news that Bush never won either election and the country is in such a mess that it will take 50 years to get back to how it was when Bush took office.

According to Robert Kennedy Jr’s article in the June issue of Rolling Stone, “Republicans derided anyone who expressed doubts about Bush’s victory as nut cases in “tinfoil hats.”

Well Republicans can call me whatever they like because this nut-case is finally going to weigh in on this subject.

Bush needed Ohio. He could not win the election without Ohio and he knew it.

So just as you might expect with the Bush gang, voter fraud was rampant in Ohio, described as “the critical battleground state that clinched Bush’s victory in the Electoral College,” by Mr Kennedy.

I can certainly verify that allegation. I lived in Ohio at the time and I went to vote plenty early before going to work and was there when the polls were supposed to open at 6:30 am. I ended up standing out in the rain for an hour and 45 minutes and when I got inside, voters had to track people down to explain what room or voting machine to go to.

I lived in a Democratic precinct by the way. But it was worse than that in other Democratic precincts in other parts of the state.

Some people ended up standing in line for up to 12 hours. But only those people who could miss work and go without pay for a whole day and not get fired for not showing up. And as we all know those people who could not wait in line were certainly not Republicans.

I had never seen anything like it in my life.

I knew Bush stole the election by the time the polls closed in Ohio. I knew it because in working for a major Media outlet, by late afternoon I knew that all the exit polls had Kerry winning. But by the time I left work to go home, the news channels were saying “all the exit polls” are wrong. Yea right, all the exit polls were wrong.

Don’t people realize how impossible that would be?


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