'Let's just give Iran nukes!'

Unique problems call for unique solutions, so today the White House decided to give nuclear technology to Iran.

Yes, Iran. The same Iran the White House has been planning to bomb for months ... because Iran is developing nuclear-power technology.

The offer comes from the United States and the other five world powers involved in the diplomatic talks.

The Bush Administration suddenly began negotiations with Iran last week after 26 years without official contact.

But the old hands in the White House have never cared too much about what's official or legal.

The Reagan Administration -- which included Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, John Bolton, Elliot Abrams, Zalmay Khalilzad, "Scooter" Libby, Paul Wolfowitz and many others hired by the current administration -- had regular dirty deals with America's alleged enemy Iran.

Bush's father and Reagan's vice-president elect, George H. W. Bush, was alleged to have cut a deal with the Iranians to delay the release of U.S. hostages during the 1980 presidential election campaign. Once Reagan had safely beaten Jimmy Carter, the hostages were released ... on the day Reagan was inaugurated.

In exchange, the Reagan Administration began providing Iran -- once again, an alleged fundamentalist-Islamic enemy of the United States -- with constant shipments of weapons.

Because that just wasn't evil enough, the Reagan Administration used the illegal profits from these illegal arm sales to fund right-wing death squads in Central America, specifically the phony "Contras" of Nicaragua.

Up is Down

News analysts and policy experts are in slack-jawed shock over the latest funhouse-mirror action by the Bush Administration, but they shouldn't be surprised.

Again and again, the White House has taken the mind-numbingly bizarre route, causing heartbreak and confusion amongst those who desperately try to "take sides" and assign certain actions or beliefs to the "Democrat" or 'Republican" political machines.

But the renegade Bush Administration has never been tied down by political considerations.

As Republican voters go insane over the sudden appearance of 12 million undocumented Mexican workers in the United States, Bush repeatedly says he wants to give the criminal laborers "amnesty."

When fear and hatred of Arabs is about all that holds the shrunken GOP base together, the Bush Administration tries to give control of U.S. ports to the Muslim monarchy of Dubai.

And as a handful of actual fiscal-conservatives shed tears of rage over massive federal deficits and total federal control over every aspect of American life, the White House just keeps on spending and keeps on expanding the police state.

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