Pink Floyd, My Zen

Being that I am 30, I really missed out on seeing PF at there peak, the first time I ever heard of them they were on a comeback tour or some thing like that. I kept asking, "who in the fuck is Pink Floyd? Sounds fucking gay!!" (Yes, even in junior high I swore like a sailor, thank you for pointing that out.) Then, month, and month latter, a friend was playing this real cool tape(What's a CD?) and I was hooked, even before I could ask who it was, I was in love with this music. It spoke to me in a way no music ever had. And, now that I reflect back on it, no music has ever touched me, the way PF's has. I can't even think of any music that has come near. I listen to a lot of music, A LOT!! I think I keep BMG and Columbia house in business by myself. I always have a new favorite group, that I rant and rave about, and go on and on about how great they are, but they quickly get replaced, and start to collect dust, and the new flavor of the month moves into there place. But Floyd has always been there. When I am depressed, or sad, or just need to be grounded, The Wall, or the Dark side of the moon, are the first things I reach for.

The passing of Syd Barrett, is the end to a musical genius, that I will truly miss. I want to thank you Syd, for the gifts you have shared with the world, and I hope you are finally at peace.

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