Congress' spam filter blocks 1st Amendment

One by one, members of Congress are resorting to technological advances to silence your dissent or opinion. Several have begun using a spam blocker that prevents online petitions from reaching their email in-boxes.

The First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees every citizen's right "to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

It's this passage in the Constitution that has allowed porn magnate Larry Flynt to continue sending free copies of Hustler to all members of Congress for 32 years.

Though several have gone to the courts to stop Flynt's gifts from arriving in their mailboxes, the court have always ruled that the Constitution requires members of Congress to take receipt of the glossy, hard-focus smut.

Despite this, more than 60 of our elected officials have installed a filter called "Logic Puzzle" to spare them the nuisance of receiving mass emailings sent by American citizens.

"It's hard to tell how much is accomplished by jillions of online petitions and mass e-mailings. But this has been one of the last ways that a non-VIP can communicate with his/her 'representative.' They're supposed to be REPRESENTING US, remember?," exclaimed Tom Harper of Bring It On.

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