La Familia De Bush

Jenna Bush is headed to Latin America as the latest member of the Bush Dynasty ordered to "become Hispanic."

She was once the blonde party girl who brought a little fun to the tragic reign of her father. But the fun is over -- the 24-year-old Jenna is on her way to an undisclosed "south of the border" country where she'll be a teacher and find a suitable Hispanic husband.

Her Uncle Jeb got similar orders in 1971. He was sent to León, a big industrial town in the Central Mexican state of Guanajuato. Teaching English in such a place was hardly a glamorous assignment.

Young Jeb Bush married a local Mestizo girl, Columba, and they began breeding the first official "little brown ones" of the Bush Dynasty. Of Jeb and Columba's three children, only one turned out rotten -- the crack addict Noelle Bush -- leaving two possible presidents, older brother and "Latino sex symbol" George "Jorge" P. Bush and little brother Jebby.

Jenna will leave behind her WASP boyfriend, former Karl Rove lackey Henry Hager. There are enough blue-blooded Bushes.

The Family has known the score for half a century, when George H.W. first began "The Bush Family Project" by starting a U.S./Mexican oil business. The American dynasty sees the demographic change of North America as an opportunity -- the same way Prescott Bush saw opportunity in backing the Nazis, or George H.W. Bush saw opportunity in aligning with Wahhabi royalty in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Over the next decades -- as white birth rates dropped, Latin America's population boomed and Hispanics became the fastest-growing demographic in the United States -- "Poppy" Bush made crucial alliances with top members of Mexico's corrupt oil-and-politics society. And then Jeb was sent to Mexico to begin the cross-breeding program.

Writing for the conservative National Review Online website today, John Derbyshire considered this latest chess move:

"So the decades-long Bush family project to bond with Latin America has not brought, and so far as I can see is not likely to bring, any political advantage to the GOP. It's a strange thing. Anyone got explanations?"

While it seems like a "strange thing" on the surface, it makes perfect sense when considered alongside the White House's curiously blind eye to the immigration concerns of the Republican base: The Bush Dynasty isn't worried about "political advantage to the GOP," because the GOP is stuck in the old "United States of America" paradigm.

When George W. Bush and Mexican President Vicente Fox hold their regular meetings, the agenda is quite different. Their program -- starting with Poppy's NAFTA program that was implemented by "son" Bill Clinton -- is the creation of a single North American "super state" that the Bushes intend to rule just as they've ruled the USA.

The offspring of Jenna Bush will be the next generation of Bushista leaders of Estados Unidos de América del Norte.

Even failed offspring like the buffoonish career criminal Neil Bush can serve the Family: His gorgeous daughter Lauren Bush seems to have one of the most demanding demographic jobs in the whole family.

Lauren is a Princeton graduate, Elite fashion model, dedicated vegetarian and PETA sweetheart who simultaneously dates powerful British Jews (the Rothschilds), Ivy League Palestinians, Ralph Lauren's son and even an heir to the British Throne (Prince William).

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