So yesterday was my first day back at school. It went o.k. I guess. It started with an issue, but I think it will work out. I screwed up when I registered for my classes. I clicked on the right class, but not the right day. It was open on Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday. I wanted the Tuesday one. So I ended up missing the course, and had to scramble and find a replacement. My next choice was a business speech or a interpersonal speech class. The business class didn't work with my schedule, so I picked the interpersonal. It is technically full, with two people on the waiting list. Several people didn't show, unfortunately, more people showed up wanting to be in the class. As it stands I am on the chopping block. 20 seats, I am number 21. Teacher was awesome and said she might make an exception for 21. I can't believe I am saying this but I am actually excited about this course. After the first day I am pumped to go to this class. Now one other thing has come up. My work has strongly requested I do another SCTE course. I started that last Friday. There giving me an hour paid each week to work on it, but this is a big course. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by it. It's a 10 week course. Eight chapters, but there very long chapters. So hopefully I can power through them. My new work schedule is o.k. I guess. Four ten hour shifts is o.k. Have done it before, but it gets old fast. Being that I am starting a new shift, school, SCTE course, and am on call all at once is a bit overwhelming. I shall survive,,,,,I think

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