Apocabox-April,2015. Remember it's not if but when

Mr. Creek Stewart is back with another amazing Apocabox. So let's rip open this box and get to it!!

First up is Thompson Survival Snare Kit $15. Designed for US Air Force troops during WWII. Comes with two different sized snares, an instruction sheet(which I really need) and tie wire. These are handmade in Missouri.

Backwoods Magazine $5, Vol36 No 3. Autographed by cover boy Creek Stewart himself. A great magazine with a great interview of Creek.

Apocaseed Vault $10. This is a mini-portable packed seed kit. It has a 3+ year shelf life. Seeds are open pollinated, heirloom vegetable seeds. Has peas, bush beans, peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Kellam Camp knife $16. This is a very cool knife. I was so stoked to see it. Very similar to a Mora. Blade is Carbon steel with a hardness of 56-57. Tempered plastic handle, and ambidextrous sheath. This knife made my day. If you like Mora, you will love this one.

Light Cube Xtreme $7, this is the coolest little flashlight I have ever seen. A 9-volt battery and your in business. Has two settings and for it's size it is BRIGHT!!. I am going to get a few more of these for all my bags. Just a great little light.

Apocabands x6 $3, A modern twist on Ranger bands. Super strong rubber bands. Super good for keeping your kit where is should be, on you!

Apocabox Myol Patch $5, Everyone needs another patch on there bag.

Mustache Char cloth kit $18  Another hand made item. This kit is all so part of your challenge. You have a tin, inside it you have some cloth, some jute, a hand made flint arrow head, and a very manly flint striker. If your not familiar with char cloth you really need to learn about this fantastic fire tinder!!

RED/Black Buffalo Scarf $15, This is a 100% cotton 42"x42" scarf. A fantastic addition to everyone's kits. Scarf's are one of the most versatile things you can carry on you.

Paracord wrapped fishing kit $8, This is a super tiny all in one kit you can clip to your bag. Inside the paracord you have, fishing line, hooks, sinkers, swivels, bobbers, mini-knife, cotton fire tinder, and a fero rod!! This and a mini bivy bag with a water container and you have a decent get home kit.  

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