School part 2

So school is going o.k. so far. I'm learning a lot, I guess. My math class has four projects this term, and the book is broke down to 4 chapters, so the 1st project and 1st chapter are now done and turned in. I hope I did well on the project. I feel I either hit it out of the park, or bombed it completely. We will find out soon enough. Speech is by far my favorite class so far. Again we just finished out 1st module project. I hope and feel I did well, but again I shall see soon. Registration for summer term is Friday. I have everything lined up and hopefully will not screw up like I did this term.  

Follow up to this post, I got a D on my project but spoke with the teacher and got it raised to a C. Did much better on the second project, got a A, and my last project will be turned in tomorrow.

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